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Disgusting Mob Beat Child Before Burning Him To Death [VIDEO]

A horrifying video of a child ruthlessly beaten before he was burned to death by an angry mob.

The incident of brutal killing happened in the Badagry district of Lagos, the country’s biggest city, in Nigeria.

He is beaten over and over again as he begs for his life, and a man can be seen trying to place a tyre around his neck to necklace him.

Necklacing is when a tire full of flammable liquid is placed around someone’s neck and the fluid is then set alight, causing them to burn to death.

The boy, however, appears to manage to throw the tyre off.

According to reports, as the pictures show, however, he was then apparently set alight anyway and burnt to death, despite the fact that some residents called for him to be handed over to police.


The video clearly shows him being savagely beaten and later the images show him being burnt alive.

The gruesome scene was shared on social media, however, his age was not confirmed with reports about his age varying wildly, with some suggesting he was 15 years old, but with others saying he could be as young as seven.

Netizen ‘Oladipupo Raphael Dare’ was one of those who spread the footage, writing: “Lagos thief rest in bad. Good bye to you oooo…”

The boy had allegedly been caught in a supermarket trying to steal food, which he had been caught doing before on more than one occasion, as well as robbing locals.

The police have not yet commented on the matter.

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