NBC Deletes Endorsement of Oprah For President After Backlash

NBC ran into trouble after tweeting an endorsement for Oprah Winfrey as the next president. The backlash was so bad, they were forced to delete the tweet from their site.

There has been much speculation that Oprah would run for president but after NBC’s tweet, they got an earful from both sides of the political spectrum. Evidently, a crying talkshow host is not what the country wants or needs.

From The Daily Caller

It turns out, the tweet did in fact violate the network policy. After being up for 14 hours, NBC deleted the tweet and released this statement:

Yesterday a tweet about the Golden Globes and Oprah Winfrey was sent by a third party agency for NBC Entertainment in real time during the broadcast. It is in reference to a joke made during the monologue and not meant to be a political statement. We have since removed the tweet.

The tweet was left up for over fourteen hours and had accumulated tens of thousands of social media interactions at the time of it’s deletion.

Golden Globes host Seth Myers promised that the event would be extremely political. He wasn’t lying.

In the end it was preaching to the choir because most conservatives don’t watch the awards programs anymore because they don’t want liberal elitist millionaires telling them how stupid they are for voting in their best interests instead of blindly following a bunch of twits.


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