New Teenager Challenge Game is Disgusting and Dangerous [VIDEO]

Over the past ten years, challenge games have become popular such as the knockout challenge, the ice bucket challenge and so forth. The newest challenge is disgusting though. Not only disgusting but very dangerous as well. It’s the detergent challenge. Eating laundry detergent just doesn’t appeal to me as fun. It would be fun to recycle some old commercials. “Tide…A  little dab will do you.” No Gain…No pain.” “Stand up and Cheer.”

Who thinks these things up. I’m willing to bet people who don’t actually take the challenge themselves. I don’t think laundry detergent would even be edible with a goodly supply of hot sauce. I get sick just watching the video of what happens to teens who actually take the challenge. Multi-colored drool has never been my thing.

From The Daily Mail

A potentially fatal online challenge has led teenagers to chew and even swallow laundry detergent pods.

Doctors are warning people not to participate in the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ – where teenagers film themselves chewing and gagging on colorful detergent pods and then daring others to participate.

While it may just seem like fun and games, the social media fad could lead to death.

The pods contain ethanol, polymers and hydrogen peroxide and are extremely toxic. They can make people incredibly sick if consumed.

Marc Pagan, 19, said:

‘A lot of people were just saying how stupid I was or how – why would I be willing to do that.’ 

‘No one should be putting anything like that in their mouths, you know?

The challenge appears to have originated from an article on the satire site, The Onion when they spoke about eating the laundry pods.

From The Daily Mail

In 2017, College Humor posted a satirical video titled Don’t Eat Laundry Pods showing a college student tempted to eat the pods because they look inviting and delicious. After researching how bad they are for you, the man then eats a whole bowl.

Shortly after the video went viral, home videos of people eating laundry detergent pods began popping up on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube.

I can see the students in California now, smoking their legal weed when they get the munchies. “Hey dude, pass the Tide.”



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