Pay Attention To The New Gun Laws Taking Effect, 2nd Amendment Is Under Assault

Since it’s the 1st of the year, there are many new laws taking effect for the first time. There is a number of new gun laws that have just begun and liberal states like California and Oregon have rightly put Second Amendment enthusiasts in those states on edge. They know that more gun laws only lead to even more gun laws and problems.

In Oregon,  a new law passed in the latter portion of 2017 now “allows police or a member of a someone’s family to file a petition with the court if they believe the person poses an imminent risk to themselves or others,” according to local station KDRV.

According to KDRV:

A recently passed gun law is going into effect January 1st, 2018. The law has been a topic of debate for many. The law allows police or a member of a someone’s family to file a petition with the court if they believe the person poses an imminent risk to themselves or others.

A judge can then examine the person’s history and issue an Extreme Risk Protection Order which would force the subject to surrender all of their guns. “My opinion is it’s not constitutional, it’s a total abuse of power.”

Supporters say it gives families a way to get weapons away from people who may hurt themselves or others. Opponents see it as a form of gun control. An effort to repeal the new law failed in October. Petitioners didn’t get enough signatures in time.

“I would say it’s kind of unfair in a way, but if the person is mentally unstable then yeah, you should take their guns away.”

The decision to require someone to give up a gun will ultimately come down to a judge. After a family member files for an order – a judge will make the decision based off that person’s past. If a judge decides someone is not fit to own a gun they are required to turn any firearms they own over to law enforcement within 24 hours. The subject of the order has 30 days to request a hearing to keep their firearms, which must be held within 21 days.

Oregon is not the only state that has passed new gun laws. California passed a law last November that has made it so that “(g)un dealers will need to get a certificate of eligibility from the California Department of Justice to verify they passed a background check,” according to local station KRON.

The full proposition, available for review here, mandates that online ammunition purchases “be shipped to a licensed vendor for transactions, meaning they will no longer ship to a buyer’s home,” according to KRON, and mandate criminals relinquish their gun if convicted of a serious offense.

Liberals continue to make more problems. Instead of coming up with good ideas, they continue to pass new laws that only make matters worse.

H/T  Conservative Tribune, KDVR


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