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Viral Video of Wife Handing Down Beating to Woman Cheating with Her Husband… [Watch]

WARNING: Video contains violent scenes some viewers may find upsetting. The shocking attack was filmed by onlookers who watched while the woman was beaten

A wife savagely beat a teacher in front of her pupils after claims the woman washaving an affair with her husband.

And instead of stepping in to stop the attack, it was watched, filmed and even encouraged by bystanders after the attacker explained that the teacher had been sleeping with her partner.

She then jumps on top of Tovar and starts pulling her hair and punching her in the face screaming: “Defend yourself you w***”, before eventually storming off and leaving the shaken woman to get off the floor.

CENTeacher beating
Sickening: The teacher cowers on the floor as the woman savagely attacks her

At one point another woman’s voice off camera can be heard encouraging Flores on by shouting: “Break her”.

Student Miriam Gracia Adomo, 16, said: “The woman charged in and began shouting and screaming before punching our teacher to the floor.

“That’s when I ran to get help.

“But when other teachers came they just stood around watching.

“It was really terrible, terrible.”

CENTeacher beating
Angry: The wife stormed into the school after discovering the teacher was having an affair with her husband

The video of the incident quickly went viral, attracting a storm of protest from viewers.

Disgusted Ralph Casarez Baca said: “This is appalling. Why isn’t anone (sic) helping that poor woman?”

And Lazaro Rincon Olivo posted: “I don’t know what’s worse – the sickening attack or the fact no-one is doing anything.”

A spokesman for the school said: “The woman claimed that our teacher was having an affair with one of the student’s dads and the mother took exception.

“We are appalled that this attack happened in our school and that nothing was done to stop it, and we shall be carrying out a full investigation.”

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