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[WATCH] What Is Inside A Rattlesnake Rattle?

These guys cut open a rattlesnake rattle to see what is inside. Brilliant!

One of the most feared creatures in North America. Merely the sound of the rattle, much less the sight of a rattlesnake, coiled up, hissing, and rattling, is enough to make most people run.

Some snakes suffocate prey. Some use brightly-colored skin patterns to warn predators of potential danger.

Rattlesnakes are light brown, and not really built for suffocation, but their rattles, along with venomous fangs, are enough to get the job done.

Some rattlesnakes can grow to be big, however, ranging from 1.6 to 6.6 feet in length. Occasionally, an 8-foot rattlesnake will be spotted, and everyone who learns of it feels a pang of terror.

Rattlesnakes tend to stay away from humans, so if one is able to keep a reasonable distance from the snake, things normally turn out ok.

Rattlesnakes actually taste good if cooked over a fire! I have killed and eaten Western Rattlers in the desert, and the white meat truly reminded me of chicken. With a little hot sauce or BBQ sauce they would probably be even better.

The idea of cutting open a rattlesnake rattle to learn more about how it works is truly brilliant.

Watch what these guys did, and enjoy!


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