3 Illegal Immigrant MS-13 Gang Members Beat 15yo Girl with Bat, For DISGUSTING Reason

The leader of an MS-13 gang in Maryland used a baseball bat to beat an underage prostitute because she wasn’t earning enough money, according to police.

The Montgomery County Police Department said that they have arrested 20-year-old Ivan Pena-Rodriguez, 21-year-old Yervin Romero-Rivera, and 24-year-old Miguel Ayala-Rivera after they inflicted serious injuries on the 15-year-old prostitute.

All three suspects were charged with assault.

The gang members are currently in jail after being arrested for a string of armed robberies.

The three members and two other men raided several check-cashing businesses and stole cash.

According to the police investigation, Ayala-Rivera, who is also known as Noctorno, recruited underage girls and pimped them out to men.

The child prostitution occurred at a home located in the 11200 block of Valley View Avenue in Kensington.

The home is near the Albert Einstein High School.

Ayala-Rivera was the leader of the MS-13 gang in the neighborhood.

One day, the 15-year-old victim, who was not identified, was dragged into the woods, where she was beaten by 5 men, including Ayala-Rivera.

They hit the girl 28 times because she wasn’t a good enough prostitute to be part of the MS-13 gang.

The girl suffered an indented backside, bleeding from the neck down, and discolored limbs.

The girl refused to speak with police in person.

She was interviewed by phone and she revealed the location where Ayala-Rivera held the child prostitutes.

Police raided the home and collected evidence.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed that the three detained suspects were in the country illegally.

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