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U.S B-52 Bomber Just Set Record While BLOWING Away Taliban! [VIDEO]

A U.S. B-52 Stratofortress conducted a strike on a Taliban training camp in Badakhshan Province on Feb. 4 and took out three defensive fighting positions around the camp, degrading the Taliban’s ability to conduct training and operations.

The Air Force B-52 set a record for the most guided munitions ever dropped from a B-52 during the strikes against the Taliban.

“The Taliban have nowhere to hide,” said Gen. John Nicholson, Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. “There will be no safe haven for any terrorist group bent on bringing harm and destruction to this country.”

The Afghan Air Force and Afghan Special Security Forces, as well as U.S. precision strikes, have precluded the Taliban from capturing Kunduz City and other lost territory. The Taliban did not capture any provincial capitals in 2017, CENTCOM pointed out.

“The Taliban cannot win on the battlefield, therefore they inflict harm and suffering on innocent civilians,” Nicholson added. “All they can do is kill innocent people and destroy what other people have built.”

A number of U.S. airstrikes have hampered Taliban support networks and cut off their access to revenue sources. Since November, more than $30 million in revenue has been cut off from the Taliban.

The B-52s carry out operations from Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar.

The aistrikes are carried out “in a direct effort to destroy insurgent revenue sources, training facilities and support networks,” CENTCOM said.

Watch the B-52 drop precision-guided munitions here:


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