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Alligator ‘Gator-zilla’ Goes Viral After Making His Massive Presence Known

This behemoth strolled right past a group of tourists on a walkway without a care in the world!

Florida residents, and even tourists, have grown accustomed to the presence of alligators. For the most part, they keep to themselves. Rarely does a gator become a problem and, if it does, authorities are equipped to deal with it.



video caption: A giant alligator was caught on camera during a morning stroll at a nature center in Polk County.  The Lakeland Police Department shared the video, taken by Kim Joiner, on their Facebook page saying, “Who says Dinosaurs are extinct?”  The big daddy gator was strolling through the Circle B Bar Reserve, an area of of protected lands in Polk County. In the video you can see four other people recording the surprise encounter, and not from a far distance – Ekkk! 

This is not the first time a massive, dinosaur alligator has been spotted in Florida. Check out this monster from last year:

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