ISIS Now Making Horrific Threats To This US City…. – 3%

ISIS Now Making Horrific Threats To This US City….

Just weeks ago, the United States, (and the world in general), received some fairly astonishing news:  ISIS had been virtually wiped out in Syria; a country long thought to be the dastardly organization’s only true stronghold.

This was a monumental development not only for the thousands upon thousands of victims of radical Islam, but also for U.S. President Donald Trump who had made the annihilation of ISIS one of his top priorities during the arduous 2016 presidential campaign.

The world at large was ecstatic.


We’ve been privy to such threats from ISIS before, but the terror organization has only had mild success in attacking the U.S. on her soil.  Their most effective campaigns have been executed by American citizens who were radicalized by the group, rather than actual ISIS operatives within our borders.

That fact can be attributed to the powerful immigration stance taken by U.S. President Donald Trump over the last 15 months – something that the American liberals were wholly opposed to during the 2016 election.


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