Another Obama Scandal Brews After Sick Vid Leaks Of Him Flashing His Penis To Females On Airplane

For the past several months, sexual misconduct cases have been coming out faster than Hillary Clinton could delete emails, and they all are from the Democratic party. These sexual allegations range from celebrities to politicians each one worse than the last, and there seems to be no end in sight. This past week, liberal talking head, Matt Lauer was the most recent pervert outed for his disgusting actions against women who worked at the TODAY show, and now Geraldo Rivera is under fire for similar allegations.

While the country braces for who else will be named as the pervert of this coming week, there is one scandal that is hardly getting the media attention it deserves.

For the liberal mainstream media, Barack Obama could do no wrong and have done their best to protect their “diety.” So, much so that it appears that they have covered up a massive sex scandal that could tarnish Obama’s precious legacy forever.

A video has emerged of Obama showing him engaged in some highly inappropriate sexual misconduct, but what makes it even worse is that CNN has kept under wraps for almost a decade. In the video, it shows Obama flaunting an erection on camera and the left has been doing all they can to make sure no one sees it.

Here is more from P.J. Media:

Seems we may have uncovered a few more details about CNN’s behavior in possibly covering up this video.

Back in 2008, at least a portion of the below video of Obama flaunting himself did appear on CNN’s website.

However, no media coverage made any reference to lewdness. There was just reference to the unremarkable news that Obama was … wearing jeans.

CNN captioned the clip with only what follows, which Michelle Malkin and Allahpundit took note of at the time:

It appears that the portion of the video that would have created a firestorm had been circumcised by CNN editors.

This link to the video, as it appeared on CNN’s site at the time, was included in Allahpundit’s post

That link is no longer active.

Neither is this one, which purportedly linked to the CNN video that had been uploaded to YouTube:

Now, what makes this coverup by the mainstream media even more disgusting than seeing Obama’s erection is that these liberals attacked then-candidate President Trump over comments he made over a decade ago that he never acted on.

Also, these same leftists “journalists” ignored dozens of other sexual misconduct cases in favor of bashing Trump.

Here is more from The Daily Wire:

1. Four new women accuse Bill Clinton of sexual assault. (11/20/2017)

The Daily Mail reports:

Bill Clinton is facing explosive new charges of sexual assault from four women, according to highly placed Democratic Party sources and an official who served in both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

The current accusations against the 71-year-old former president — whose past is littered with charges of sexual misconduct — stem from the period after he left the White House in 2001, say the sources.

Attorneys representing the women, who are coordinating their efforts, have notified Clinton they are preparing to file four separate lawsuits against him.

2. Congresswoman accuses Democrat Bob Filner of sexually assaulting her. (11/21/2017)

The Huffington Post reports:

Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) on Monday accused a former congressman of assaulting her while they were both serving in the House.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily,” DeGette said that former Rep. Bob Filner (D-Calif.) at one point tried to pin her in an elevator and forcibly kiss her.

“Some years ago, I was in an elevator and then-Congressman Bob Filner tried to pin me to the door of the elevator and kiss me. And I pushed him away,” DeGette said. “I mean, I was his colleague. He couldn’t take action against me. And believe you me, I never got in an elevator with him again.”

3. Democrat Raul Bocanegra resigns leadership position and won’t seek re-election over sexual allegations. (11/20/2017)

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra announced he will not seek re-election Monday, citing “persistent rumors and speculation” regarding sexual harassment claims.

“I spent my life advocating for the Northeast Valley, fighting for a fair share for our communities and residents,” Bocanegra (D-Pacoima) said in a statement. “It is because of my deep commitment to you, residents of the 39th Assembly District, that I have made the decision to resign from the State Assembly, effective September 1, 2018, and immediately resign my leadership position. I am also suspending my campaign and will not run for re-election.”

The statement came as The Times was preparing a story reporting that six women had accused him of sexual harassment.

That is just the tip of the iceberg, but you get the point.

The Democrats are the party of disgusting perverts that hide behind the mainstream to make sure no one knows how nasty they are. If the mainstream media were genuinely concerned with reporting the news, they would blow the lid off Barack Obamas sexual misconduct as well as, Bill Clinton and allow these repugnant individuals answer for their crimes and get the punishment they truly deserve.


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