Conservatives Are Becoming Criminals Overnight After What One Liberal Town Is Doing To Them

Thanks to America’s PC attitude in recent years, cities across the country are facing an uphill battle against these Muslims who are taking full advantage of this ass-backward type of thinking. Equality in the eyes of Democrats stands for anything but equality, and if you disagree with their ideology you are labeled a bigot and a racist. The party of “tolerance” has proven time and time again that they are hypocrites in every sense of the word. Michigan, in particular, has been transformed into a shadow of its former self-thanks to the large Muslim population that has moved in and taken over. Dearborn is sometimes referred to as  “Little Baghdad” if that tells you anything. But the problem is spreading to many other locations, and New Jersey has been facing a similar crisis.

Bernards Township, New Jersey has been the center of controversy for a number of years, and it goes all the way back to 2011 when their planning-board first took up a proposal for a 4,250-square-foot mosque in a residential neighborhood known as Liberty Corner. The applicant was a former Mayor of Bernards and a member of The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge. When it was opposed by the Township, Ali Chaudry filed a suit against the Bernards on the grounds of religious discrimination. The Township rejected this idea stating it had nothing to do with religion but instead was driven to the decision based on it being a land use matter. It has been a full 6 years, and the battle continues where things have now taken a turn for the worse.

According to Milo:

Bernards Township, New Jersey officials have agreed to give The Islamic Society Of Basking Ridge (ISBR) $3.25 million and prohibit community members from even mentioning Islam or Muslims at an upcoming public hearing to approve said payout, which comes as a result of a ruling made earlier this year that Bernards Township officials discriminated against said Islamic group by preventing them from building a mosque.

The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) has decided to fight this agreement (which can be read in full here) on the grounds that it constitutes “suppression of speech.”

Said agreement states, in no uncertain terms, that issues related to Muslims or Islam cannot be discussed at the group meeting.

In a press release, TMLC states it has “filed a lawsuit in the New Jersey Federal Court on behalf of Christopher and Loretta Quick.”

The Quicks, TMLC’s release states, “reside within 200 feet of the proposed mosque construction in a zoned residential area. Yet, the settlement agreement prohibits them from describing the many unique features of Islamic worship which will impact the design of the building, traffic density, water and sewage, traffic control problems, road construction, and parking arrangements.”

The release continues, “according to the settlement agreement, ISBR is permitted to make statements concerning Christians and Jews and their places of worship, but in contrast, the Agreement prohibits commentary relating to Islam or Muslims.”

TMLC President and Chief Counsel Richard Thompson is quoted in the release as slamming the ISBR for its decision to play the victim in this matter.

“As we have previously documented, ISBR has taken the extraordinary step of concealing significant links on their website to a radical group named by the federal government as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in America history, the Islamic Society of North America (‘ISNA’),” Thompson is quoted as stating.

“While claiming that the Township had a religious animus against Muslims, ISBR hid from the public view its animus toward Christians and Jews, by not only hiding anti-Christian and anti-Semitic verses published on its website but also hiding its significant ties to ISNA.”

 The video shown below explains more about the conflict.

In its lawsuit, TMLC states that the agreement reached between ISBR and Bernards Township “is unconstitutional in multiple respects.”

The suit states, “it suppresses speech based on its content, it constitutes a prior restraint on protected speech, it deprives Plaintiffs of the procedural due process, and it violates the Establishment Clause by preferring Islam over other religions.”

“Therefore, pursuant to the First and Fourteenth Amendments to Constitution and 42 U.S.C. § 1983, Plaintiffs are entitled to relief from Defendants’ unconstitutional actions.”

Is it now illegal to bring up a controversial issue that many of the citizens oppose? The left calls Republicans fascist but they turn around and demands that residents keep quiet on the issue that involves a whopping $3.25 million in funding from taxpayers. Our country is treading dangerous waters, and the township in New Jersey just dealt a major blow to freedom of speech. This is a slippery slope and it only gives Muslims more ground to stand on in the future. Muslims makeup roughly 1% of the population but are handed whatever they demand. Imagine if this involved Christians, do you think that they would have won the lawsuit based on religious discrimination? We are allowing Muslims to trample all over our constitutional rights, and they won’t stop until they transform this country into what the middle-east represents. We cannot let this happen.

H/T Milo

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