Facebook In Hot Water After Millions Of Facebook Users Are Exposed Online—-AGAIN

Mark Zuckerberg and his social media giant Facebook have not had a good couple weeks and it does not appear to be getting any better. Just recently Zuckerberg was called to testify in front of Congress concerning privacy issues after it was discovered that Facebook had sold millions of users personal information. On top of those claims, the social media giant was also questioned on its ongoing bias against conservatives too.

Now, Zuckerberg may have to answer again to new claims that of users information has been breached again and this time it may be too much to save the floundering site.

At one time Facebook was a great place for friends and family to catch up, read the news, as well as share funny images online. However, over the last several months, Facebook has been dealt numerous blows that have many users canceling their accounts for greener pastures. It all started when users learned that many of their accounts had been compromised and their information sold in the last election, and it seems that they did not learn their lesson one bit.

In a recent report, it was uncovered that another app called myPersonality also collected users data and was distributed to researchers without them knowing it.

Here is more from KMBC:

The private information of millions of Facebook users was left unprotected online for four years, New Scientist reported Monday.

Results from the questionnaire app myPersonality were collected as part of a psychological experiment by David Stillwell and Michal Kosinski of the University of Cambridge. The project then distributed the data anonymously to hundreds of researchers.

However, it would have taken little effort for someone to gain access to the information due to inadequate security measures.

“…For those who were not entitled to access the data set because they didn’t have a permanent academic contract, for example, there was an easy workaround,” New Scientist said. “For the last four years, a working username and password has been available online that could be found from a single web search. Anyone who wanted access to the data set could have found the key to download it in less than a minute.”

More than 6 million Facebook users completed tests on the app and nearly half opted to share their personal profile data with the experiment.

The operation also had access to 22 million status updates from more than 150,000 users, as well as the gender, age and relationship status of 4.3 million people.

The social media giant removed the myPersonality app from its site in April, claiming the service may have violated its privacy policies.

The data leak comes months after Facebook came under fire following a New York Times report that consulting firm Cambridge Analytica gleaned the personal data of 87 million users.

The company was also accused of collecting the contact names, phone numbers and text message data from Android users, but officials said the information wasn’t sold or shared with third parties.

Facebook said on Monday that it had suspended about 200 apps as part of a privacy investigation announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in March.

“Facebook will investigate all the apps that had access to large amounts of information before we changed our platform policies in 2014 — significantly reducing the data apps could access,” Ime Archibong, vice president of product partnerships, wrote in a blog post.

It seems that Zuckerberg has more questions to answer and should be held accountable for his egregious actions and soon. Hopefully, Congress will do something and fast to stop this disgusting abuse of power.



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