Famous Singer Calls For Hotels To Stop Using These “Racist” Shampoo’s In Their Rooms

It seems that everyone in the world is dead set on calling everyone and everything racist even when they clearly aren’t.  Now, one singer is going as far as to call hotels in the country who carry this sort of shampoo racist and of course, thousands of people are agreeing.

Here is more AWM:

Pop singer Halsey has a beef with the hotel industry — and it’s all over those tiny travel size toiletries they provide. The singer took to Twitter to share her frustration with hotel shampoos, which she finds aren’t suitable for people of color. While many fans had her back, others thought she was perhaps being a bit too picky about the matter.

As a biracial woman, the singer feels that hotels could do better, offering shampoo that isn’t quite so tailored to white people. She tweeted: “I’ve been traveling for years now and it’s been so frustrating that the hotel toiletry industry entirely alienates people of color. I can’t use this perfumed watered down white people shampoo. Neither can 50% our customers. Annoying.”

Naturally, her followers were divided on the matter, with one person commenting: “You’re one of my favorite female artists, but how in the f**k can shampoo be racist lol dumb for this one.” Halsey responded: “How can u have lived ur entire life without knowing that people of color and white people require different hair care products.”

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