Hillary LIVID After Ex Staffer Reveals All: “I wish she’d shut the f**** up and go away”

Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened” was released this past September,  but her continued finger-pointing about why she lost the election to Donald Trump has exacerbated to the point that her fellow Democrats are speaking out and not holding back. Hillary’s book tour, which starts October 23rd, has tickets costing as high as $2,375, and Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center in New York is selling tickets for $750. Those in the publishing industry have pointed out how unorthodox these prices are and see it for the greed that it is.

Democrats across the board are not happy that Hillary Clinton will simply not go away. The DNC is in serious damage control mode, and they understand the veil they have placed over the eyes of the American people is starting to be lifted. One former Clinton fundraiser stated, “The best thing she can do is disappear; she’s doing harm to all of us because of her own selfishness. Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the f—up and go away.” What is surprising here is that Hillary Clinton’s greed and selfishness is news to them. After all, Hillary was the chosen one for the DNC. They rigged the primary for her, and crossed a lot of lines, and yet Hillary Clinton still lost the election. An aide who served under President Barack Obama also chimed in with his dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton and her book tour stating, “None of this is good for the party. It’s the Hillary Show 100 percent. A lot of us are scratching our heads and wondering what she’s trying to do. It’s certainly not helpful.”

Hillary’s continued blame game should be of no surprise to conservatives. The whole leftist modus operandi is to never take responsibility for your actions, blame someone else, and when you do not get your way, stomp your feet, scream, and pout like a small child. President Barack Obama followed this M.O. during his entire eight years as President of the United States. It was always Bush’s fault.

The only person that cost Hillary Clinton the election was herself and no one else. She was essentially handed the Democratic nomination on a silver platter, and because of her various crimes, the fact that she compromised national security, and insulted Trump supporters, as well as alienating Democrat voters loyal to Bernie Sanders, she lost the election and lost big. Many Bernie Sanders supporters were so upset that the DNC rigged the Democratic Party Primary that in the general election they voted for Donald Trump out of spite.

Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician to ever run for President of the United States, and truth is told, she lost the election many years ago with all the other lies and scandals she was involved in. Still, it’s hard to ignore her incompetence with what happened in Benghazi, her constant flip-flopping on issues and let’s not forget all the women she intimidated which her husband, President Bill Clinton, has been accused of sexually assaulting.

Many of my liberal friends, yes I have a few, also understand what Hillary Clinton is. She is not a liberal by their definition. Rather, she is simply a money-hungry corrupt politician masquerading as a champion for the people.

As Hillary’s book tour and blame campaign continue, she is going to destroy whatever is left of the Democratic base and drive them right into the arms of another President Trump victory.

Hillary Clinton’s collusion with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Obama DOJ officials, and former FBI Director James Comey is still fresh in the minds of a lot of voters. Combine this with the fact that many lifelong Democrats who voted for Bernie Sanders feel tossed aside. They likely intend on voting Republican again in 2018 out of spite for the DNC subverting the democratic process.

There have been no reports as to what the pre-sales numbers are going to be for Hillary Clinton’s outrageous book tour, however, you can bet that whatever numbers are released will unlikely be untrue. The truth and Hillary Clinton are like mixing oil and water. It just does not work.

H/T [Louder With CrowderThe New York Post]

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