President Trump Just Proposed A PROPER Penalty For Cop Killers… – 3%

President Trump Just Proposed A PROPER Penalty For Cop Killers…

The police officers of this country need all the help that they can get and all the respect that we can give them, the fact that liberals want to pound on the police so much is just sad beyond words.

Under President Barack Obama, there was a disconcerting rise in anti-police sentiment that led to a “war on cops” that many Americans believed was not sufficiently opposed by the Obama administration.

While that cop-hating sentiment still exists among some sectors of the populace, the same cannot be said of the Trump administration and how that “war on cops” is dealt with.
Indeed, then-candidate, now-President Donald Trump has routinely made it abundantly clear just how highly he regards the men and women of law enforcement who place their lives on the line to protect and defend their communities from dangerous criminals on a daily basis.

Trump said his administration had vowed to protect and defend police officers, and noted that as of 2016, an officer was assaulted nearly every 10 minutes somewhere in America — a travesty he refused to let continue.
“We must end the attacks on our police, and we must end them right now,”  Trump said to resounding applause. “We believe criminals who kill our police should get the death penalty. Bring it forth.”

Following even more applause and cheers from the crowd, the president noted how “alarming” it was that “ambush attacks” were increasingly being used by criminals to assassinate police officers.

“I have directed the Justice Department to do anything within their power to defend the lives of American law enforcement,” Trump said.

This is incredible declaration in support of the men and women in law enforcement from the president is one those who back the “thin blue line” have been longing to hear for quite some time.

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