Illegal Immigrant Rapes Young Girl, Police Horrified By What Else He Did During His Heinous Attack

Las Vegas is known for a lot of things, but a sanctuary city is not one of them, or is it?  It all started on April 21st when Julio Cesar Medrano was arrested on the charge of rape. According to The Daily Mailhe molested a 4-year-old girl and also was in possession of child porn. It get’s worse from there he also filmed the rape and threatened the girl with a knife in the process.

This is a cut and dry case right? Either send him back to whatever hell hole he is from or prosecutes him here in the good old U.S. Simple…. At least it used to be, but ever since Obama brainwashed America the whole story never comes out and these monsters get away with this evil behavior.

According to The Angry Patriot Movement:

It is not going to come as a surprise to most people reading this, but the mainstream media decided to hide some facts of this story. They KNOW that if they do not disclose facts, such as the fact that he was here illegally, fewer people will be outraged. We need to get to a place where the media is liable for what they say to us!

President Trump is an incredible leader who has no problem calling the media out on their hypocrisy. He is well aware of the political game that they try to play, and he is not having it anymore.

The Left loves to FREAK OUT if you mention why having illegals here is bad. They will call you a “racist” and use silly logic like, “You are immigrants, too! You came here and slaughtered these innocent people.”

GREAT LOGIC! That is, until you realize that not all Native Americans were as peaceful as some try to portray them, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. They were slaughtering each other for land for hundreds of years before we even showed up. Didn’t think of that, did you?

Obama is responsible for this change of mindset. He whipped up the masses and made them believe that illegals are part of the fabric of our society when realistically, they have no business being here. You could say that LEGAL immigrants are fine. They went through the LEGAL processes to get here, but to claim that illegals are right for our society? You have to be pretty dense not to realize how they hurt our communities.

This case is the perfect example of the type of behavior illegals are capable of acting out. If he had never been here, we would not be in the spot that we are in now. They refuse to acknowledge this, regardless of how many cases pop up. Obama got everyone frenzied, and now the mainstream media has taken that idea and run with it.

When is enough going to be enough? How many of our friends and families must suffer before we start to fight back? These are serious questions that need answers now! We need to stand together and say enough! It’s time to fight back because one day it could be you.


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