Teen Raped And Murdered Mother Of 4, Then It Takes An Even More Twisted Turn

According to the police in Maryland, a teenager raped a mother and killed her in the street.

James Arthur House, of the 400 block of E. Lorraine Ave. in Harwood, 18-year-old was arrested by the Baltimore Police after being a suspect in the killing and sexual assault. The victim was Jessica Gibson 35-year-old with no fixed address and she has four children. House, did not have previous criminal record, has been charged with murder, rape, perverted practice, reckless endangerment and sex offenses, police told the Baltimore Sun.


According to the investigation of the police, the incident happens on Tuesday night, between the road on Baltimore and Lombard streets. Gibson was dragged by House behind large pellets, where he sexually assaults her. After the sexual assault, House killed Gibson. Before he escapes from the scene, he had sex with the corpse. The four children of Gibson named Gage, Nia, Dominic, & Cameron were left behind. The motive for the crime is still unknown, but investigators said the two recognized each other but their relationship with each other is still unclear.

Surveillance footage shows that before the attack, Gibson and house were interacting. A surveillance video of House inside a convenience store was released by the police after the victim’s body was found. He was also the last person to see Gibson alive.

House called 911 and surrender himself after he saw his video on social media. According to Baltimore Sun, he confessed to the crimes during an interrogation by homicide detectives, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said Monday.

Davis praised the detectives’ work, which he said will make prosecution easier. Commissioner Kevin Davis said. ‘His confession was complete. Very sad, ‘Our victim was sexually assaulted in a most brutal way. Some of the sexual assault House was charged with happens after the victim was killed.

Article Sources: Daily Mail, Baltimore Sun Photo Credits: WBAL and AFPRO

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