Teenage Prostitute Who Slept with Dozens of Cops and Sued for 1 Million Dollars Gets Karma Cuffs

One year ago today Jasmin Abusling, a underage teenage prostitute going under the name Celeste Guap, won 1 million in a settlement with the city of Oakland after she claimed to have slept with 30 police officers over a 3 year period. The fallout resulted in seven officers retiring and several current officers getting brought up on charges. This all started after one Officer committed suicide in 2015. According to TheDailyMail Jasmin Abuslin, the daughter of a female police dispatcher also accepted Cheetos as payment… Cheetos. Let that sink in before we go any further.

KTVU Reports that around january 15 of of 2018 she dropped her lawsuit against the city of Richmond. Apparently she had one filed against Contra Costa County as well that was also dropped though she claimed wrong doing by a sheriffs deputy. What that wrongdoing may have been remains unclear.

Well Its one year later and guess what, SHES BACK!

Allwyn Brown@brownae

RPD officers answered a distirbance call from Ms. Jasmin Abuslin at her Richmond home, at 7 am. They met with difficulty sorting out the conflict between she and her boyfriend. Officers placed Ms. Abuslin on an emergency medical evaluation hold because of her words and behavior.

Only this time she was placed on a medical evaluation by the Ricmond Police department hold after getting into a domestic dispute with her boyfriend. This was the same department she had previously dropped the lawsuit against. After being placed in the patrol car she retrieves a hidden cellphone and goes straight to facebook live to try and once again play the victim.

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at which point she can be heard saying, “Help me! Help me! This is the Idiot… Richmond Police Department” She then tells her boyfriend to make some calls as the officer walks around and takes the second phone.

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