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Thug Violently Assaults Cop, Doesn’t Realize Who He Messed With Until it Was Too Late

A few months ago in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the terrorist organization’s Black Lives Matter and The Black Panthers held a protest, causing the chaos they are known for–blocking traffic and assaulting police officers. Well, the Baton Rouge Police Department was not about to tolerate violent thugs from either of these groups to get away with assaulting police officers, and they were arrested. At the beginning of the video, it can clearly be seen a Black Lives Matter thug resisting arrest and others trying to help him get away. In the background, other Black Lives Matter protesters can be heard screaming nonsense, and the screaming gets even more out of control when police officers are forced to use pepper spray pellets.

Like the Ku Klux Klan, BLM is a domestic terror organization that ought to be dealt with as such. BLM is not interested in saving black lives. Their mission and purpose is all predicated on a racist ideology, and when a white police officer shoots a black suspect, the violent thugs of BLM perpetrate their violence under the guise of oppression. However, when six black children were gunned down in Chicago, Illinois, by other black children, there were no BLM protests. Why? Because the shooting didn’t fit their political agenda.

Black Lives Matter even has the nerve to invoke the name of Martin Luther King Jr. who fought tirelessly for the rights of blacks. However, Dr. King used a non-violent approach and was able to effect change and have laws passed because his message brought people together rather than tearing them apart. Dr. King and his supporters did not murder white cops despite all the injustice that was going on at that time. Dr. King and his supporters did not set fires on freeways and cause thousands of dollars in damage to property which is a stark contrast to the behavior displayed by Black Lives Matter. Furthermore,  Dr. King and his supporters were constant in their mission to affect change and create a level playing field. The Black Lives Matter thugs only come out of the woodwork when a police shooting fitting their warped political ideology takes place.

H/T [ Patriot Beacon]

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