WATCH: Maxine Waters Now Sends Henchmen To Harasses Mitch McConnell at His Home

Now, Maxine Waters has sent her henchmen to harass Mitch McConnell at his home and of course, it was caught all on video.

Here is more from Louder With Crowder:

Maxine Waters, whose stupidity cannot even be outdone by Nancy “Stretch Face” Pelosi, recently called for the open harassment of Trump staff and supporters. So, being the mindless lemmings they are, a gaggle of dimwitted trolls formed a mob to harass Mitch McConnell at his home.


Ask and you shall receive. The left constantly engages in bullying and intimidation tactics, while also claiming the mantle of civility. Many on the left want to be violent first, civil never. If not violent, annoying AF.


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