Mueller Used Unchecked Power To Target The NRA

The reason grand inquisitor Robert Mueller gets away with acting like he’s above the law is that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave him virtually unlimited powers. Reports have exposed that Mueller secretly pulled the Internal Revenue Service tax files on the National Rifle Association, just to see if the NRA had any Russian “dark money” donors. Tax records show the names that are “hidden on public documents.”

Is there any vile, quasi-illegal abuse that Mueller can’t commit? Judge Ellis says no, as long as two things are connected in “any” way. Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia.

The just released conclusion of District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III is that anyone who so much as passed a Trump bumper sticker along to a friend who likes Russian dressing on their salad is fair game for Mueller’s witch hunt. “The prosecutor is empowered to look at virtually any Russian contact no matter how ‘stale’ it is,” he writes.

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