Muslim Thugs Tries to Break Up Christian Prayer Group And Instantly Realizes That Was A Bad Idea

A group of Catholics was peacefully gathering to mourn the death of Father Jacques Hamel who was killed in a brutal “beheading” in Normandy, France. They weren’t gathering to protest, they were only there to honor the loss of their friend and leader. That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

A Muslim man noticed the group and instead of passing peacefully and allowing the group of Catholics to mourn he decided to disrupt them by blasting music behind them. Imagine if the roles were reversed? What would he do? Muslims are so used to denying anyone of religious freedom that it must have been a shock to see someone actually stand up and say enough!

According to US Herald:

A group of French Catholics lost their priest, Father Jacques Hamel, in a brutal “beheading” in Normandy, France. Instead of seeking bloodthirsty revenge as we might expect if a Muslim Imam had been executed.

The group was peacefully worshiping in protest of the closing of the Association of Catholic and Apostolic Chapels when they are more than rudely harassed. The aggressor, reportedly a Muslim, approached the group and began to blast music in an attempt to shut down the prayer.

A report from Blog Catholique reports that the reportedly Muslim man came over to the group and tried to stop their peaceful protest by playing extremely loud music.


That’s when the peaceful Catholics had enough and showed this thug that in the West you can’t just attack and oppress a group of people forever without consequence.

One protester stood up to low life and confronted the punk before landing a crushing punch to the aggressor, knocking him unconscious instantly.

The thug goes straight to the floor where he remains until the man who landed the punch drags him off the street and the video ends.

Daily Mail reports that as of now no arrest have been made and there have been no reports that the Muslim man sustained any major injuries.

The French blog states that as a result of the aggressor’s harassment he was “chastised for his rudeness” by “a soldier of Christ.”

The blog went on to comment on how the West has advocated for peace for too long. Their attempts to coexist and stop the violence have been completely ignored and now the time has come “take up the sword” to defend itself from its oppressive and intolerant enemies.

If America doesn’t start taking this threat more seriously and stop treating Muslims like special flowers you can expect to see these incidents starting to occur more and more in cities near you. It doesn’t take much to start a spark, and if Muslims keep pushing us there is gonna be a fight. We will not back down from this threat!

H/T [  US Herald ]

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