New Report Shows Democrats Are Losing Voters From One Group That They Never Expected

The Democrats love to tout themselves as the party that is geared to the poor, disenfranchised and young people, but that seems to be changing. In a recent survey that was released, it shows that millennials are quickly jumping off the Democrat bandwagon and it is not by small numbers.

Here is more from The Daily Wire:

The Guardian reports that a Reuters/Ipsos mega poll of 16,000 respondents found that in the last two years, support for Democrats among millenials plunged from 55% to 46% while their support for Republicans has only dropped from 28% to 27%.

Even worse for Democrats, in the last two years, support from white millennial men has gone from the Democrats leading Republicans by 12% to the Republicans leading by 11%, a shocking 23% shift.

If the Democrats are losing the support of young people you know they are in trouble.

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