Solider Goes Home To Meet His Newborn Child, But Receives The Shock Of His Life Instead

When Jake and Chelsea Osborne discovered that they were expecting a baby, they could not have been any happier. But, just one month later, Jake was deployed to Afghanistan. When he was finally sent back home to meet his newborn daughter, the soldier got the shock of his life.

As a military wife, Chelsea Osborne was used to her husband Jake Osborne missing out on important family events. That’s why she was saddened, yet not entirely surprised, when Jake was deployed just one month after she became pregnant. As Jake served overseas, he spent every day missing home, especially knowing his wife was going through the pregnancy without him present. And, as the baby’s birth grew near, it became increasingly clear that he would not be home for it.

Chelsea respected the fact that her husband was serving his country, so she bravely prepared to give birth without him by her side, instead leaning on family members like Jake’s sister, who committed to taking his place in the delivery room. Just in the nick of time, however, Jake’s commander granted him a leave so that he would not miss the birth of his child.

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