CORRUPTION: Sick Info Leaks Exposing How Obama Invited Russian Spies To The White House!

Months after Obama is finally out of the White House things are being brought to light that we would never have known about had Hillary or any other Democrat been elected as President. Now, however, the depth of Obama’s true intentions are coming to light. Obama has done everything from arming the very enemy that wants this country demolished to being tied to the very Russian spies that he falsely claims Trump is supposedly in league with.

Here is more from Yahoo News:

Just two years ago, the Obama White House welcomed Russia’s top internal security official, Alexander Bortnikov, to Washington, as the head of a Kremlin delegation attending a highly publicized U.S. government summit on countering violent extremism.

But what was especially galling to U.S. officials is that the two FSB officers at the center of the plot, Dmitry Dokuchaev, and Igor Sushchin, were assigned to the agency’s Center for Information Security, or Center 18 — a cyber crime unit that was the FBI’s point of contact for investigating criminal hacking operations.

“What this shows is that we’ve been had,” said Steve Hall, a former CIA station chief in Moscow who later directed agency operations in Russia. “Center 18 was the part of the FSB that was supposed to be working with us.”

In one sense, the charges against FSB officers are not a surprise: The Obama administration, shortly before it left office, imposed sanctions against the Russian agency for its role in cyber attacks aimed at influencing the U.S. election, even though the most egregious actor was believed to be a rival agency, the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence service.

Although the FSB is often thought of as a spy agency, given its internal security role, it is also Russia’s prime law enforcement agency — the equivalent of Russia’s FBI. “The involvement and direction of FSB officers with law enforcement responsibilities makes this conduct that much more egregious,” McCord said. “There are no free passes for foreign state-sponsored criminal behavior.”


It is well known that Obama met with Russia more times than almost any other President in our history so it isn’t very shocking to hear that once again he is connected to them. It all comes out in the wash eventually. We thought Hillary Clinton was bad, but she truly has nothing on the vileness that is Barak Obama.

H/T [ Yahoo News ]

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