Muslim Who Tried To Blow Up Americans In NY Has SICK Demand For Judge

The radical left is doing everything in their power to discredit the threat of Muslim terrorism in America. They have defied everything that Trump has attempted to put in place to keep us safe.

Domestic terrorism is a real and present danger. We have seen it time and time again. From Boston, to New York, to New Jersey. These incidents are becoming more frequent. Only a Muslim extremist would set off various bombs in populated cities, all in the name of Allah, and then request that the attempted murder charges can be dropped.

That is exactly what is happening with accused terrorist Ahmad Rahimi.

The New York Post:

A lawyer for the accused terrorist who set off pipe bombs in Manhattan and New Jersey argued Wednesday to get charges dropped stemming from his New Jersey shootout with police.

Ahmad Rahimi, 28, is charged in state court with five counts of attempted murder for the Sept. 19 melee with Linden, NJ cops – on top of a long list of federal charges he faces for the bombings.

His lawyer, Peter Ligouri, argued in New Jersey Superior Court that prosecutors failed to provide sufficient evidence to support charges he tried to kill the police officers.

Rahimi is accused of planting two bombs in Chelsea last September, one of which that detonated and injured 30 people. He also set off two bombs in New Jersey – one in Seaside Park at a charity run and another in a trash can in Elizabeth.

Days later, the Afghan-born man was wounded and captured after exchanging gunfire with cops.

Ahmad Rahimi is accused of planting two bombs and injuring 30 people. This man is a lunatic and needs to be locked up. We cannot continue to have Americans injured or killed on American soil. We have to keep them out of this country. Our lives depend on it.

H/T [Pamela Geller]

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