Pastor Attacked For Meeting With Trump, He Says Climate Is In ‘Petty and Low Place’


Last week, President Trump met with several black leaders to discuss prison reform and community development. While this sounds like a wonderful time to exchange ideas, one pastor was upset with the reaction from the left. Pastor Van Moody said the criticism that he got after he and the other leaders met with Trump was a “sad commentary” on what was going on in the country.

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Here is more from Fox News Insider:

Moody, of The Worship Center Christian Church in Birmingham, Alabama wrote that the reaction “shows the vitriol and contempt that is present even when President Trump’s efforts are positive.”

He added Saturday on “Fox & Friends” that he went to Washington to “find commonality for the common good.”

“My statements about [Trump] caring for all people … was not a blanket endorsement,” Moody said.

But that didn’t stop the flack that he received.

Here’s a sample (the tweets have since been deleted).

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