Police Discover Fetus in Womans Purse While Searching Her For Drugs

[WTH] Drug Search Gone Awry, Law Enforcement Find Is Chilling


When law enforcement go about effecting a drug arrest, they are typically thorough in their search to ensure nothing is missed. But the officers who had to arrest 32-year-old Bernadette Rivera on drug related charges had an unpleasant surprise lurking.

After the officers found several felonies worth of narcotics, including methamphetamine and heroin, near her private area, they proceeded to check her purse. Rivera intimated officers that she recently had a miscarriage and had a fetus in her purse.


True to her words, the officers found an approximated two-inch long decomposing tissue inside a small plastic Q-Tip box covered by napkins. Romana Lopez, Public Information Officer of the San Antonio Police Department stated that, “Rivera left the hospital with the remains deciding that she would determine” how to dispose of it.

The Medical Examiner’s Office has contacted the family of Rivera and they are working on funeral arrangements.

Rivera is only being charged with possession of narcotics, as detectives do not consider her possession of the estimated 8-week-old fetus to be a criminal case.

This contrasts with a 2013 case in New York when a nabbed teenage shoplifter was found with a dead newborn in a plastic bag. The police charged the teen, Tiona Rodriguez, with murder after detectives determined that the teenager had killed the full-term baby after giving birth.


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