Haunting Photo of World Trade Center Taken Hours Before Collapse, From FDNY Memorial Page

On this date 17 years ago, 2,977 innocent individuals lost their lives, including 343 firemen.

It was the deadliest terrorist attack in the history of the world.

And just one day before, nobody could have predicted it was the last sunset that the Twin Towers would ever see.

It’s been the better part of two decades since 19 terrorists aboard four airplanes wreaked horrors we thought could only occur in works of fiction. But sadly, the wounds feel just as fresh.

And, as we remember the loss and heroism, the enormous sacrifice that was made on that day by so many — particularly our first responders — the New York City Fire Department Memorial’s Facebook page shared an image of the last hours of an American icon.

The caption says it all: “World Trade Center’s last sunset.”

The stark image brought out emotions for many on social media.

“So sad. Weather here in Manhattan feels exactly the same today as it did in that photo as well,” one user wrote, adding, “love to all the FDNY.”

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