Hogg’s Attempt to Force Nikki Haley to ‘Resign Immediately’ Goes Horribly Wrong

A New York Times report on the “priceless” view from the official New York residence of Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations has inspired outrage from Democrats and left-wing activists.

Nikki Haley’s View of New York Is Priceless. Her Curtains? $52,701,” the Times’ title reads. That was enough for Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu to call for “an oversight hearing on State Department spending on Nikki Haley and her deputy.”

Left-wing activist David Hogg also got in on the anti-Haley action, writing a mini-letter on behalf of “America” condemning the ambassador for having the “audacity to misappropriate thousands of tax dollars for your own lavish lifestyle” while there are children starving in America. “Resign immediately,” “America” demanded

But, as Haley’s office told the Times in its deceptively titled article, there’s just one big problem: She had nothing to do with those pricey curtains. 

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