Check Out The Ridiculous Thing Nebraska Democrats Were Caught Giving To Refugees


Liberals have hit an all time low on the IQ rung of the social ladder it seems. When it comes to refugees and radical Islam they rather shove their heads in the sand. Which is exactly why conservatives want democrats out of anything that even remotely could affect our nation’s security.

I have yet to see too many women and children being brought here as refugees and more over what car exactly will they be placing those stickers on? Will we be purchasing those for them too? Not to mention the voter’s registration cards. These people have to be here for at least a minimum of 5 years before they can get a green card which is needed by law to vote in America.

When interviewed by The Conservative Review Kleeb stated that she “wasn’t sure” if it was legal for refugees to vote. Kleeb best explains the actions of the NDP in giving voter registration forms to people not legally able to vote in the video.  In it, she says simply “that’s just what Democrats do.”

After all, we know how Democrats love to buy votes, right?

H/T [ Young Cons ]

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