Here Is Why We Should NOT Feel Sorry For Furloughed Federal Workers


The mainstream media is having a non-stop pity party for furloughed federal workers but the truth is no one should feel sorry for these folks.

The Hill reports:

Federal workers also enjoy a sweet deal. Here are some of their perks. They make wildly above market compensation.

Federal workers receive pay that is 17 percent higher than private sector employees on average performing comparable work.

That is on top of putting in 12 percent fewer hours. Furthermore, a Princeton University study found that when “taking differences in employee characteristics into account,” federal workers actually earn 34 percent more than comparable private sector workers.

They receive “cadillac” federal employees health benefits, 75 percent of which is subsidized.

These plans includes medical plus vision and dental benefits.

On top of that, federal retirees are eligible for covered health benefits at 57 years old, a rare luxury in the private sector.

They also have generous pension plans and Social Security benefits. Such payments are three times higher than private sector 401(k) and Social Security benefits.

It is also worth noting that federal workers face a 0.2 percent chance of getting fired in a given year. That is more than 45 times lower than their private sector counterparts.

In some cases, it takes the effort from four different agencies to fire federal employees, and the process often takes years, even in simple cases. This shield protects public employees who are cited for malfeasance or incompetence.

Meanwhile, a Brookings Institution study found that 65 percent of federal employees think job security is more important than helping the public, while only 30 percent think their organization does a good job disciplining poor performers.

During this protracted government shutdown, the media would have you believe that federal workers are eating cat food while on furlough.

For most of those affected by the shutdown, they get most of January off with guaranteed full back pay when the government reopens.

When a private business is affected by a closure or new federal mandates, how many of its employees get time off and full back pay?

This is outrageous.

Why should those in the public sector make more and get better benefits than the taxpayers paying their salaries?

This is EXACTLY why no one should feel bad for furloughed government workers.

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