Stacey Abrams to give Democrats’ response to State of Union!

Ever notice how Democrats just love to shove losers down their constituents throats?

First Hillary Clinton thought she could win the 2016 Presidential Election and now the person who lost the Georgia gubernatorial race even though she ran on the same platform as former President Barack Hussein Obama of guilting people into voting her only because of her skin color, Stacey Abrams, has been tapped to deliver the Democrat response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

Here is more via The Washington Post:

“In a statement announcing the decision, Schumer (D-N.Y.) praised the Georgia Democrat as “a present and future leader in this country.”

“Stacey Abrams offers a welcome, stark contrast to President Trump’s politics of division and lack of leadership as American families are still feeling the impacts of his self-imposed shutdown,” Schumer said.

The New York Democrat extended the invitation to Abrams in a phone call earlier this month.

Abrams, 45, said she was honored to deliver the response “at a moment when our nation needs to hear from leaders who can unite for a common purpose.”

“I plan to deliver a vision for prosperity and equality, where everyone in our nation has a voice and where each of those voices is heard,” she said in a statement.

Schumer and Pelosi also announced that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, a former member of House Democratic leadership, will deliver the Spanish-language response.

Abrams’s political future is the source of much speculation. During a meeting in Washington this month, Abrams and Schumer discussed the possibility of Abrams running against Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) in 2020.”

This pick demonstrates how truly lost the Democrat Party really is. But let’s be honest here, the Democrat Party only cares about skin color and plumbing nowadays, other than that anything goes. And that’s great news for us on the right.

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