ISIS Sniper Clearly Didn’t Think Before Firing At US Troops [Uncensored Video]

US soldiers take fire from a nearby ridge. An airstrike is called in to remove the threat.


Hornet’s Nest



The Hornet’s Nest is a groundbreaking and immersive feature film, using unprecedented real footage to tell the story of an elite group of U.S. troops sent on a dangerous mission deep inside one of AfghanistanÍs most hostile valleys. The film culminates with what was planned as a single day strike turning into nine intense days of harrowing combat against an invisible, hostile enemy in the countryÍs complex terrain where no foreign troops have ever dared to go before.


Two embedded journalists, a father and son, bravely followed the troops through the fiercest and most blood-soaked battlegrounds of the conflict. What resulted is an intensely raw feature film experience that will give audiences a deeply emotional and authentic view of the heroism at the center of this gripping story.

ISIS Sniper Clearly Didn’t Think This Through Before Firing At US Troops [Uncensored Video]




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