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12 WACKY Feminist Responses To The Hillary Clinton Health Debate

Now that more video has emerged revealing Hillary’s health issues, Liberal Feminists are in a tizzy… Hillary collapsed on the way into a van on September 11th. Video captured the event, it cannot be denied. Her campaign said that she fainted, then they said she overheated, now they are calling it pneumonia. Of course, Hillary’s …

A Blackhawk Crew Chief & Gunner's Note To America (And Colin Kaepernick)

Dear America, It is hot as hell here and I am scared to death. I did not really feel like flying today. This man you see underneath that flag did not sit on a bench or take a knee in protest. He or she is a brother or sister that made the ultimate sacrifice for …


New job: water boy for the left! Benchwarmer Colin Kaepernick is a living, breathing poster boy for entitled white privilege.


What does this say about the way Facebook filters the news to your feed? What can you do to help the REAL news and or Conservative souces? EASY share comment share like share when you see something whether or not you care about the content share it, from Fox, the blaze, brietbart whomever it is. That is …


It would serve race mongers well to consider that even a docile old dog will bite you if you mistreat it often enough and long enough.


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said during a speech Thursday that a large majority of African-Americans support Jim Crow laws. Of course he didn’t quite say it like that. What he actually said while speaking before Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network was that Republicans support voter ID laws– sorry, “voter suppression”– because they want to bring back …