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Sometimes, things and people in the world make us want to say ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’.  Here are 22 images that will make you wonder exactly that. 1. There’s ketchup in the shower 2. There’s metal in this fast food meal   3. There’s a trap chute for kids   4. The stairs are moving   …


There are so many perks that come with being a celebrity, but it also has negatives as well. When you’re an average person, you can pretty much do and say what you please but when you become a celebrity everything you say and do is broadcast to the entire world. Once you reach celebrity status, …


The Wall Street Journal has put together a cool split screen video comparing American Pharaoh’s Triple Crown winning Belmont race to Secretariat’s historic Belmont victory in 1973. Sports fanatics are always speculating about how current greats would have fared against those of the past. So, how would the long time reigning Triple Crown winner Secretariat fared …


At 26 years old, Rumer Willis is the newly crowned champion of “Dancing with the Stars,” but she has a lot more to show for it than her mirror ball trophy. She has the body to go with it! On Memorial Day, Willis “shamelessly” reposted a photo from her boyfriend’s Instagram account. In it, she’s …


Though some of these are genuinely funny, others could also be considered truth in advertising.  


If you’re a kid with a smart alec parent, you’re probably not a fan of the parent trolls. The way I see it, with the amount of trouble and stress teenagers cause with their parents, turn about is fair play! These hilarious parents have got what it takes to make me laugh when they’re bustin’ on …


There’s a reason that I and many other people don’t have kids. Most of that reason has to do with my mother telling me as I grew up, that she couldn’t wait for me to have kids because payback was going to be brutal, and the whole “reap what you sow” thing. I’ve always been …


In his work, “The Veteran Art Project,” photographer Devin Mitchell sought to capture the person behind the uniform in these poignant photos…


1. Everyone seems to think that Texas is a some kind of natural paradise. Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons Hamilton Pool, Texas 2. They couldn’t be more wrong. Thinkstock Karnack, Texas 3. It’s not pretty at all. Flickr: jimnix / Creative Commons Gruene, Texas 4. Seasons aren’t even a thing here. Thinkstock Vanderpool, Texas 5. It’s a land of perpetual summer… Flickr: …


    Seriously, people…use your brain or at least pretend that you have one. America is in bad need of an enema!                 Some people are just polluting the gene pool.


Thanks to the smash hit success of Calendar Girls, stripping off has become one of the most popular ways to raise money for a good cause. Now the University of Liverpool Women’s Rugby League team has become the latest to produce a charity calendar – but one of the two causes supported is themselves. The …


Please, folks, do not attempt to read any of this while walking or driving, for your safety and those around you.


Personally I like the USB, however can you imagine leaving that in your back pack for TSA to find?? LOL Tactical assault USB stick…..