Update: American Patriots III%ers heading to the Arizona Border

This story is to help raise awareness about what the media is not covering on the border and what our Gov is not doing along our southern border. The Patriot Nation has spoken to the Public Relations manager for the APIII% Matthew Leber about the upcoming operation in Arizona and previous operations. He has sent along a short blurb about who they are and what they do. Included is a radio interview with David Webb on Sirius Patriot

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As the upcoming operation unfolds he will be providing The Patriot Nation with updates photos and videos from the border. Stay tuned…… The below is from APIII%

First hand Observations from the Border

The information presented here is part observation and part interviews with people living this nightmare. The information is given by people that would never share these details on Facebook, email, phone, or texts. It was only secured after personal trust was won and only given in hushed voices in face to face conversations with no pictures or video allowed. Cartels have the technology to learn where any picture posted online was taken. The information was collected with old fashion pen and notebook.

There are six main players in the south Texas border area. Cartels or Narco terrorists, Border Patrol, Sheriff Departments, Land Owners, Militias, other Federal and local Agencies. Seventh would be Muslim groups.

The Cartels partially operate like a corporation, Their higher echelon have families and well groomed lawns. Lower echelon are less than animals. They have a pyramid style organization. Family at the top, security and soldiers in the middle working their way into the family, and then on the ground gangsters motivated to kill anyone to gain the upper tiers. They also pay mercenaries to come from all over the globe to carry out missions on American soil. East Europeans and Russians are used to assassinate and terrorize people on the lookout for latin descendant cartels. They are paid in drugs and women for their loyalty. The Cartels have unlimited supply of cash and resources. They can and will buy anything they need to achieve their goals. They have used IEDs to move Border Patrol away from areas they want and the Border Patrol often complies. Most police and agencies simply avoid them. The cartels have a dumping ground below a cliff. Standing at the top you think you are looking at clothes strewn everywhere when in fact it is bodies. Recently in New Laredo (Mexico) 60 headless bodies were found. In Laredo (Texas) 60 heads were found. Two families run New Laredo and are at constant war. One family runs Laredo with an iron fist. There is no police in New Laredo. The Mexican Army makes token patrols wearing masks. The Cartels come out in the South Texas night in trucks with 360 swivel .50 Cals installed in the bed terrorizing any rancher who has stepped out of line. They know how many police are in which town and what their weaknesses are. They use Hwy 16 through McMullan County, town of Tilden to run product north because the county has only 2 deputies and a sheriff with no or little aid from Feds or State. Cartels have little to fear. Their reach has grown to the point that whites are members. All and any race can possibly be cartel or working for the cartel. A little known aspect of cartel operations is the slave trade. Members often move product north and are expected to bring kidnap victims back when they return south. Four attractive women were stolen from the small town we staged at this year alone. If a cartel family member sees a woman he wants, his soldiers will follow her until taking her becomes possible. Rancher family members are often kidnaped for ransom and treated well and returned because ransom is often paid with no involvement with Authorities.

The Border Patrol is the most dedicated and honorable force of good in the area. Not perfect but the closest thing to effective determent on the border. They use high technology like blimps and drones. They are handcuffed by the Federal government that cuts their hours and reduces their mission scope. Rules of engagement often make Border Patrol agents little more than observers. The agents work off duty for the ranchers, They are better armed off duty. They wear brown uniforms similar to their official uniforms with no patches or insignia, When they capture illegals they turn them over to their on duty comrades and the reports are written as “illegals turned in by ranch hands”. This method may be the most effective means of slowing the “bleeding”. The border patrol know when they are outgunned which is often the case when the cartel are serious about moving product and they pull back or look the other way so they can live to fight another day.

All sheriff departments on the border, save two are paid off by the cartels. The two county Sheriffs that are fighting back are often handcuffed by the Feds. Sheriffs recently asked militias for help but after the recent cop killings in LasVegas, the Feds leveled a huge amount of pressure on local authorities not to collaborate with militias and to send them home which is exactly what happened. Makes one question what was really behind that event in LasVegas.

The landowners and ranchers dance to a dangerous tune between the devil and a tyrant. They must make agreements with the cartels about what can or will happen on their land under the threat of having their land confiscated by the Federal government. If the Feds can make the case that the ranchers know drugs are being smuggled on their land they use imminent domain or RICO type laws to confiscate their land. The ranchers often make agreements allowing people smuggling if the cartels will not smuggle drugs. A rancher recently became fed up with this arrangement and decided he would not allow anyone on his property be they fed or cartel. He hired armed men to police his land. All of his men were systematically assassinated with silenced weapons and he and his family were killed in his home including a 6 month old infant. This event was written up by the feds and local official as inter-gang warfare. If a rancher confronts the cartel he goes into the “book”. They often begin killing his extend family, meaning cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters working through the family all the way to the rancher himself. The ranchers have been mostly reduced to making a token phone call to the Border Patrol that they know will bring no response so they can say they reported activity and keep their land. It is a dance. They must live “tactically” at all times. They live in a war zone and they know it.

There are three well known militias. TSM which allows almost anyone in. TCM which is filled with Vets, some trained better than others, some not. Bowie Volunteer Militia where one must be able to pass a PT test and have training. There are meetings and lots of training but lots of infighting and frustration at the handcuffing and ROE forced on them by authorities. They have mostly all disperced. I personally heard some say they are not going back to border region unless to shoot, fight, and kill.

The alphabet soup agencies are mostly inept. They make appearances and little more, They are outgunned and they know it. They show badges and make threats towards the local LEO that can and do actually make a difference. They are hated by all including locals and cartel. They often show up unprepared and wholly uninformed with what they face, Some agents have parked their vehicles returning later to viewed them stripped of all gear including full auto M4s.

One of the most troubling aspects of the border is that muslim groups have bought huge swaths of land that they operate 24/7 training for jehad. 30 such camps are reported to exist in south Texas. They are waiting for opportunity. They also send fighters overseas. This is how many American Citizens are found fighting in places like Afghanistan. What is more troubling is that the cartels and the muslim groups are fighting over the lucrative drug trade in far away lands in South America. If the muslims secure even a small portion of this billion dollar racket, they can finance chaos all over the planet. Now that they have established a foothold in south Texas they are dispersing into other states and protected by the Feds under the auspice of freedom of religion. They are just waiting for the right opportunity to start jehad in America.


South Texas is an occupied land. It is not the Wild West where there was at least a hint of honor and respect for traditional american chivalry. It is a tactical battle zone with competing interest constantly at battle with one another. Politics and federal Tyranny exasperate the conditions on the ground. It is Afghanistan plopped onto the American Map with literally the same players on the ground thrown into the mix with the worst criminals Mexico and South America can produce alongside Americans who are looking for advantages. All preying on true local patriots trying to scrape out a living on lands long passed down through the generations. What solution is there? Most often I hear we should send our military to take back the land and secure the border. This is partially plausible but only if it is viewed as a deployment with war zone ROE. You will not succeed in South Texas if you go there to stand around looking tough. The enemies must be defeated. Like many Texas Militia, I will never return to the area unless I go there to fight and eliminate the invaders. Make no mistake, we have been invaded and are being occupied. South Texas is no longer America. When a country refuses to defend it’s borders it ceases to be a country. This gaping hole in our southern border will soon effect the entire nation. You must begin to prepare.

Matthew Leber…..

June 2014

You can find another video of a protest after Berghdals release HERE

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A group of American independent security contractors on the ground in Arizona witnessed smugglers and mules running for the American side of the border, when a Mexican military helicopter shot at U.S. border patrol agents.

“They saw the smugglers and mules hastily moving ahead of the Mexican army crossing the river and moving quickly for cover on the US side.  Then the helicopter flew in firing at near by border patrol.  The smugglers and mules scattered,”  Matthew Leber, spokesman for The American Patriots The Three Percent, an organization who helps solicit private donations for the team of former special ops, told Breitbart News Friday night.

A Mexican military helicopter that traveled across the border, KVOA-TV reported, fired upon two U.S. Border Patrol Agents in Arizona west of the San Miguel Gate on the Tohono O’Odham Nation early Thursday morning. Mexican authorities contacted U.S. officials, reportedly, and apologized for the incident, which is currently under investigation.

“The mules and the Mexican smugglers that were on the Mexican side were being pushed by the Mexican army. I don’t know if they were in conflict with them or if it was something that was orchestrated, but when they crossed the border, the Mexican Army was on the other side and the helicopter came across and they fired on border patrol,” Leber said, noting that the team of security contractors cannot confirm if the action taken by the Mexican military was a diversionary tactic, and the smugglers were working in tandem with the Mexican military or if the smugglers on the ground and the mules were being positioned against their will.




An Interview with Scot Seddon of APtheIII%

1504579_10153972532595191_810646443_nOver the last 5 years the III% movement has been picking up speed all over the country.  People from New York to California and from Hawaii to Alaska are stepping up with the III%ers in the hundreds of thousands. Yet due to a mixture of misreporting and a general blackout on all of their good work by the mainstream media, little is known about this organization outside those who belong to the group.

One of the offshoots of the III%ers, American Patriot the III% (APtheIII%)  led by Founder Scot Seddon of NYC, has been rising to prominence in the movement and has even started mobilizing its members to help defend our border with Mexico.  With recent events such as the loss of their national Facebook page due to an “unknown hacker” and attempts to defame the movement by leftist publications, we decided to try to set the record straight and ask Scot 10 questions about APtheIII% and about their activities on the border.

SHTF Journal: Could you tell us a little about yourself and  the APtheIII%?

Scot: APIII is a law honoring group of Patriots that believe in the Constitution and all that it represents. We were established in May of 2013 and our goal is to establish teams for protests, political activism, and training/prepping in case America under goes a shtf scenario. I made APIII out of a fear for my daughter being that I am a NYC resident and in a shtf scenario we would be alone fending for ourselves. Not a wise thing in a city of 7 million people. Since then I have allied with many Oath Keepers and Oath Keeper groups.  

SHTF Journal: What do you see as your mission at the border and do you think you can complete it with the resources you have?

Scot: Our mission at the border is outreaching to border agencies and work together with them. Being we cannot detain people at the border so we use comms to call in grid coordinates to assist the border Patrol. Funding has been made possible through the APIII Paypal account. The mission cannot be completed without the financial help of our APIII Patriots. Without that, the mission goes belly up as we do not have any fed funding. We do need more resources.

SHTF Journal: How have the local police and border patrol agents reacted to the Militia?

Scot: APIII is not a Militia. We are in the security business with combat veterans that work hand in hand with border patrol. We have close affiliations with Arizona Border Recon as well in the effort to secure the border. Everything is done legally, and with the consent of local LEO agencies. 

A7lEqMP1_400x400SHTF Journal:Have there been any altercations?

Scot: There have been no altercations at this time besides the usual testosterone driven spats that occur between patriot groups. 

SHTF Journal:How have the local populous reacted?

Scot: For the most part people are still sizing up APIII to see what we are really made of. However the longer we are around the more we are embraced.  Law enforcement agencies, more times than not embrace our movement. 

SHTF Journal: What made you feel compelled to send guys to the border?

Scot: The border became a priority for our movement after our public relations officer, Matthew Leber went to Laredo, Texas and saw first hand what was happening. The Ranchers were in fear for their lives and even fearful of talking about the problem in public. After Leber made his report public we realized the seriousness of the situation and decided we needed to help out. After all, this is our country and as Oath Keepers we cannot sit back and do nothing.

SHTF Journal: What do you see  as the main reason for the governments failure at securing the border?

Scot: It is our feeling that the border issue is an effort to lock in one political party and bring in a socialist/communist system to our republic. 

SHTF Journal: Many people have a bad taste in their mouth from what happened at the Bundy ranch. What were your lessons learned and how are you making sure that these mistakes don’t happen again?

Scot: The Bundy Ranch was in fact a great lesson for the Patriot movement. Although divided in many ways, the goal was achieved. The Bundys remain and that was the objective. The one lesson I see from this is that no Patriot group can walk in and claim to run the show. This must be done with a meeting of the leadership of all groups involved. Respect must be shown. Without that nothing can get done. A united Nation of Patriots can overcome the evil we have running this nation. There is no room for ego. 

SHTF Journal: What can someone do if they wanted to help the APtheIII%ers?

Scot: Any Patriot is welcome to join APIII. They must not be radical and must be willing to follow a chain of command when necessary. There are no fees to be in APIII. The only rule is that you must acknowledge the Constitution as the law of our land in its purest form. 

SHTF Journal: What does the future hold for APtheIII%?

Scot: The future of APIII will not be achieved until the mission is done. Expect us around until we achieve that and then after. This country is in the fight of her life and we will see to it that she gets some help. Our children are why we do what we do. It is their future that is at stake. 

We at SHTF Journal implore you to get active and to start working to make a change.  This is one of the many patriot groups out there that strives to make a difference.




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