Sharyl Attkisson’s rhetorical question of the day, regarding King Hussein’s releasing criminal illegal aliens from jail: “Do you think there’s more to the story behind the release of these illegal aliens than just incompetence?” Yep!

Sharyl Attkisson Uncovers Yet Another Obama Scandal – One the White House Has Been Denying All Along

Former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, now writing for the Heritage Foundation’s The Daily Signal, has uncovered the newest scandal involving the Obama administration – and this one threatens the safety of every American.

Attkisson has revealed in her latest investigation that the Obama administration has released more than 600 illegal immigrants with criminal records in early 2013.

From The Daily Signal:

More than 600 convicted criminals, including felons, were among thousands of illegal immigrants freed under the Obama administration in advance of 2013 budget cuts mandated under sequestration.

[…]According to the IG’s [inspector general] report, at least two-dozen “aliens” were released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement even though they were in a “mandatory detention category.” (After an internal review, ICE later redetained them.)

[…]During the three weeks leading up to sequestration, from Feb. 9 to March 1, ICE released 2,226 immigrant detainees—617 of whom had criminal convictions. Approximately 1,450 were freed the last weekend before sequestration. The field offices that released the most criminal convicts include Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta and Chicago.

Below is a graphic from the Inspector General:


Not only did the Obama administration release criminal illegal aliens, they denied doing it, as well:

In March 2013, when the Associated Press reported the administration had released more than 2,000 immigrants over a three-week period, Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano stated the AP story was “not really accurate” and that it had developed “its own mythology.”

“Several hundred [releases] are related to sequester, but it wasn’t thousands,” Napolitano stated incorrectly on March 4, 2013.

The IG’s report found that the White House was not directly responsible for the illegal alien releases and laid the blame solely at the feet of ICE and found that they cannot manage their detention budget or account for expenditures. Seems like a likely story.

Do you agree with the IG’s report or do you think there’s more to the story behind the release of these illegal aliens than just incompetence?

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