GUYS — These are the 5 WORST pickup lines to use at a gun range

Being hit on is nothing new to me or any woman in the world. However, gun-guys have a very special way about how they go about flirting or hitting on a girl. It’s no surprise that seeing a girl (a cute girl) at the gun range is still something of a novelty. Here are some of the gems I have gotten working at a range.

1.) “I bet you are deadly with your hands, aren’t you?”

Now, aside from that being very silly question, it makes me wonder in what way would I use my hands to actually kill you? Thinking about killing you isn’t the best impression to make. The answer to that is “Yes I am, poison is how I’d kill you.”

2.) “You’re way too pretty to be shooting guns.”

I actually have no words for this. I do wonder what else I’m too pretty do be doing? Maybe helping you? One thing I do know is that I’m not too pretty to stop talking you…seriously.

And what kind of backhanded compliment is this, anyway? Is Jessie Harrison (pictured) too pretty to be shooting guns?

3.) “What’s the barrel length again? Oh, I don’t know but I’m 12 inches.”

WOW, just wow… Just as a heads up (pun totally NOT intended), anytime you reference your penis in size or capability, it’s not attractive. Please stop, on behalf of every woman everywhere, please stop.

4.) “So you must be the range mistress around here.”
As much as I enjoy my job helping providing people with their second amendment rights; Yes, I do have to command a certain level of authority because peoples safety and the shops licences are at risk. I prefer to keep my kink out of my guns.

5.)”Thank you very much for your help and I wanted you to know your ass looks great in those pants.”

I get that we are in a gun range, I get that I work in a dudes world,I know that I have a great butt. HOWEVER, this is inappropriate on so many levels. I’m at my place of work and my butt has nothing to do with my work.

There ya have it, the best of the worst. So please guys, the next time you see a pretty girl at the gun shop or range please remember that being rude, crude, or a jackass is never attractive.

Be nice, polite, and gun puns are always funny. We may be girls in YOUR world, but we can still kick your ass and we’ll look good doing it.

H/T: To the ladies @ the Easy Bake Gun Club

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