Obama calls the scum “ISIL.” Watch Hagel’s press brief today, parroting the Prez.

By Thomas Madison

I have taken some heat from liberals and certain other people of Middle Eastern descent over a message I posted a day or two ago from Terry Hestilow (posted below), involving Obama’s exclusive use of the name ISIL for the terror group causing much misery and mayhem across Iraq and Syria. Terry explains why he believes Obama uses the term “ISIL” exclusively.

Most of the brain-dead liberal critics and terrorist sympathizers deny that any such preference for the term “ISIL” exists in the administration of King Hussein.

Secretary of Defense Hagel conducted a press briefing just today. He also now refers to the goat-humping inbreds in Iraq who are beheading children exclusively as ISIL, just like his boss. Coincidence?

I counted 19 times that Hagel referred to the scum by name. He called them ISIL EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! It looks like Dempsey is struggling to call the swine by any name at ll, referring to them as “they” or “them” most of the time. He refers to them four times by name, twice ISIS, which he says he prefers, and explains why, and twice as “ISIL.” I guess the talking points have not trickled down to the JCS yet. Video below.


Link to video….http://www.c-span.org/video/?321109-1/briefing-secretary-hagel-general-dempsey

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