This video of Robin Williams about the American Flag is heart warming Don’t miss

A comedy bit featuring Robin Williams acting out a monologue as the American flag has reemerged following the actor’s death earlier this month.

The sketch was part of a 1982 special created by famed writer Norman Lear and sponsored by the People For the American Way. The “I Love Liberty” special aired to commemorate the 250th anniversary of George Washington’s birth.

In the raucous five-minute monologue, Williams as the American flag talks about puberty and how only a few years before he had taken a trip to the moon.

“I’ve been in a lot of wars, they’ve fired missiles and rockets at me, but come the dawn’s early light, I’m still there,” Williams says as the flag.

“I’m just a flag, a symbol, you’re the people,” he adds. “If I may so say so from here—long may you wave.”

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