Former SEAL Team 6 Commander/Congressional Candidate: Invade Mexico to Rescue Tahmooressi

From Sean Brown, Mad World

As the flood of illegal immigrants continues over our Southern border, one of our own Marines sits imprisoned in a Mexican jail because he accidentally crossed into the country with firearms in his vehicle and had no way to turn around. Ever since, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been rotting in a horrid Mexican prison awaiting his fate as a political prisoner.

As Obama immerses his administration in the Michael Brown shooting and ignores every other major issue our country faces, he vacations in Martha’s Vineyard only to stop and fundraise on occasion for his fellow Democrats. Obama has completely turned his back on Tahmooressi, doing nothing to secure his release.

While Obama continues to disregard an American veteran being unjustly held in Mexico, a former SEAL Team 6 Task Force Commander who’s running for Congress in Montana has an ingenious idea for getting Sgt. Tahmooressi out of prison. Ryan Zinke says we need to send the Marines into Mexico to take back our soldier.

“If I was the first executive of the United States, I would have called the first Marine division and told them to go get their marine back, and I would give them the equipment to do it,” Zinke said in an interview with Breitbart News.


“I cannot fathom why the media is not pounding the issue,” Zinke explained. “Here is a young marine who’s being held in a Mexican prison and where is this administration? Where is our country? We need to demand that this marine comes back home.”

Agreed. Obama allows countless illegals to come into our nation across the U.S.-Mexico border yet the Mexican government is going to hold one man’s feet to the fire because he made an honest mistake?

Here’s more from Breitbart on Zinke’s more than impressive resume:

After spending two separate tours with the SEAL Team Six, he served as a Special Operations Officer in Europe commanding the SEAL Joint Task Force TWO in support of Special Operations missions in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Kosovo. He was elected to the Montana State Senate in 2008.

Zinke considers himself an optimist and feels America can regain its position as the world’s leader, but we can’t do it under this administration. “We can get respect back, but we can’t lead from behind,” he explained. Moreover, he says that “You lead from the front by doing what you said you were going to do. When you say you are going to be on Israel’s side, then you take its side.”

“If during the Reagan years you were to say that Egypt would be a closer ally to Israel than America, no one would believe it,” said the commander. Bannon agreed, saying that the turnabout is “absolutely shocking.”

Zinke couldn’t be more dead on, Obama and his cohorts only appear to be interested in implementing their radical agenda at home and couldn’t care less about the issues in the world, taking a cowardly approach to dealing with anything out of fear it would hurt him politically.

The commander is following the military’s mantra of “leave no man behind.” If this administration can’t use diplomatic relations to get our Marine back, then it’s time to let our boys go do what they do best. Then again that would take a spine, which is something that Obama seems to be lacking.

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