UPDATE: Barrack Obama is still an idiot! Blames the rise of ISIS on US military intervention, post-9/11. In other words, Bush did it!

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OBAMA BLAMING AMERICA: ‘Tis the Season to Charge with Treason

By Allan Erickson, Clash Daily
The last place BHO should show his face is at the American Legion national convention, but true to form, he cares little about what is wise, appropriate or advisable. President Pussyfoot was not satisfied appearing before the hostile audience recently. He had to put his paw in his mouth to make sure he was thoroughly offensive to the assembled veterans, men who have no use for a coward who wasted six years doing nothing about horrendous problems associated with veterans’ healthcare.

Speaking to the Legionnaires, the two-dimensional empty suit actually blamed the rise of ISIS on the U.S., insisting American military intervention in the wake of 9/11 only served to encourage terrorism.

“The answer is not to send in large scale military deployments that over stretch our military, and leave us occupying countries for a long period of time and end up feeding extremism.”

When has a so-called president been so completely callous to the sacrifices of our finest? When has a man been so utterly ignorant concerning leadership and the importance of carefully chosen words? As to his idiotic claim, let’s step back and take a look at the record, shall we?

President “Capitulate to the Caliphate” has presided by leading from behind for six years. In that time, Islamic terrorism has proliferated throughout the 10-40 window. The “Arab Spring” he helped launch turned into a series of disasters giving terrorists opportunity to execute murder and mayhem on a scale not seen for centuries, since the invasions of North Africa, Spain, the Middle East, Turkey and Eastern Europe. Hundreds of thousands have died as a result, and millions have been made refugees, while attacks on the homeland have escalated.

So, one might logically conclude, Mr. Obama, that the hallmarks of your policies–double talk, projecting weakness, surrender and retreat—- might have a little to do with “feeding extremism”.

From 2001 through 2008, when adults with vision and guts were in charge, Islamic extremism was in full retreat, and the homeland was secured. Logically, one might conclude part of the success had to do with “military deployments” and temporary occupations of land in order to destroy and defeat the bad guys.

But, I’m sure propeller heads from Harvard know better than successful people who achieve real results.

As to the rise of ISIS, Mr. Hesitant, you alone are more responsible for its rise than anyone.

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