Virginia moonbat wants God to kill everyone in the NRA with Ebola

Mike Dickinson, the unhinged Mike-DickinsonVirginia Democrat who once sought the House seat formerly held by Eric Cantor, now claims to have a radio program and says he intends to pray that God would murder everyone in the NRA with Ebola.

On Sunday, he issued this tweet:

mikey kill nra But, Examiner reported Monday, that wasn’t enough.

He followed up with this:

Naturally, that didn’t sit too well with anyone.

Dickinson, however, wasn’t finished taunting NRA members, so he issued this:

And this:

Dickinson claims to have a regular program on WHAN radio in the Richmond, Virginia, area.

We were not able to confirm that however.

Examiner noted:

Dickinson first gained national attention when he claimed Fox News lies and suggested Soviet-style monitoring and regulation. Although he talked tough on Twitter, he crumpled like a cheap suit when he actually faced those he accused. In a masterfully conducted interview, Greta van Susteren got Dickinson to admit he lied about his connections to local adult businesses.

Video of his interview with van Susteren can be seen below:

He’s also the same slimeball who offered a $100,000 reward for nude photos of 19-year-old Kendall Jones, the Texas cheerleader who also hunts big game.

In February 2011, I first said liberalism is an ideology of rage and hate.  Liberals prove that assertion correct every day, and Dickinson proves it with every tweet.



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