Kurt Schlichter nails it! Liberals like genocide!

By Thomas Madison

Liberals have been silent on the genocide in Iraq because, well…. they kinda’ like it. At least they prefer it to the alternative – admitting they were wrong and sending US armed forces to squash the ISIS scumbags like the repulsive cockroaches that they are.

Unable to deal with the fact that reality is black and white, not gray, that there is genuine evil in this world, and that you can’t rehabilitate homicidal maniacs into kind and loving gentlemen, liberfals simply ignore reality and the facts on the ground, which do not fit their agenda nor their narrative. Thus in their warped, Utopian minds, evil does not exist, except in their memories of Ronald Reagan.

Lunatics, I mean liberals, hate our military and its skill in exterminating wicked vermin like ISIS. The beheading of children appears to be preferable to them. But they can’t admit that. So, what do we hear from the left?…. crickets!

Speaking out against this genocide means the left would have to admit that they were wrong, which makes rape, murder, and mass suffering preferable, as long as it is not them doing the suffering.

Schlichter: “Would you allow the genocide to continue rather than putting American forces on the ground in Iraq? There’s no nuance. There’s no gray area. There’s no third choice. We either go in heavy and end this butchery, or it continues. Choose, liberals.”

Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth in Berkeley and Cambridge must be deafening.

KURT SCHLICHTER- Detonate The Truth: Liberals Willingly Enable Genocide

From Kurt Schlichter, Truth Revolt

Understand this clearly:  Liberals are absolutely fine with the genocide in Iraq.

How do I know?  Because they’ve told us.  Barack Obama looked into the camera and said he will not send in American ground forces.  Of course, everyone knows that only American ground forces, backed by airpower, can stop ISIS.  So Obama has made a choice, as have his liberal minions.  They have chosen to let the genocide continue.

Disgraceful.  Even Bill Clinton has the moral wherewithal to regret his craven abandonment of the million Rwandans butchered as he dithered.

But you won’t hear liberals admitting the choice they have made.  Instead, you’ll hear a lot of nonsense about how the ISIS disaster in Iraq is all the fault of Bush, Halliburton and the Trilateral Commission.  Apparently, that’s supposed to be an all-purpose excuse to do nothing but allow a few tactically meaningless airstrikes as, right now, men, women and children are being tortured, enslaved, and ethnically cleansed by these jihadist scum.

We cannot allow liberals to escape the consequences of their conscious decision not to use all sufficient forces to defeat ISIS.  They are absolutely willing to allow this genocide to happen, and we need to make sure everyone knows it.

To deflect, they’ll ramble on about the Bush administration, which has been out of power for five years and has absolutely no influence on what’s happening today.  Keep bringing them back to the fact that Barack Obama is willing to let this massacre happen rather than use American ground forces.

That’s a choice.  It’s his choice.  Make him and his supporters own it.  Want an example?  Look at my Sunday Twitter timeline discussing the issue with leftist @JohnFugelsang.  Observe how he distracts and deflects – but never denies – the fact that he would allow this genocide to continue rather than intervene with ground forces.

This is where the false mask of liberal caring and compassion falls away.  The lives of these Third World Christians, Jews and “infidel” Muslims are less important to liberals then keeping alive their vision of America as an impotent giant.   As my new book, Conservative Insurgency: The Struggle to Take America Back 2009–2041, points out, the destruction of American greatness is a key liberal goal, and it is supported when they undercut our moral standing by ensuring that we sit by and idly watch as fellow Christians, Jews, and others friendly to our values are butchered.  They want us to give our assent like the “enlightened” cowards of progressive Western Europe.

So when you’re faced with some leftist babbling about the past in order to avoid facing the bloody present, you need to ask him:  What would you do right now?  Today?  If only American ground forces could stop it, would you send them in?

We know what the President would do.  He’s already told us.  He’d let the innocents die.

Liberal heroine Elizabeth Warren has also made clear her thoughts, such as they are.  Based upon her years of combat experience as an affirmative action-selected law school professor, she doesn’t think there’s a military solution.  No, she thinks that we need to negotiate a resolution with these semi-human savages.  Perhaps we can meet them halfway and have them only cut our throats instead of beheading us.

Of course there is a military solution.  Bush imposed it once before when he crushed these degenerates during the Surge, allowing Obama to abandon an Iraq that was free of these scumbags.  But Warren and her pathetic kind can’t accept any strategy that might result in an American victory.  Their priority isn’t human lives; the only end that matters to them is the decline of American power and prestige.

So when it comes to countenancing the deaths of innocent Third Worlders where saving them would annoy her liberal tribe, Elizabeth Warren has – pardon the expression – no reservations.

It’s simple.  America has the military muscle to stop ISIS, but only if it uses it.  There is no question that American troops on the ground are required to defeat ISIS.  And American troops on the ground had utterly defeated the Sunni degenerates well before Barack Obama decided to pull all the American troops in order to keep his promise to the Cowardice Coalition.

This is about liberals and their choice today.  Now.  This minute, as men, women and children are being butchered before their eyes.  Hit them again with the one question that reveals who liberals really are:

Would you allow the genocide to continue rather than putting American forces on the ground in Iraq?

There’s no nuance.  There’s no gray area.  There’s no third choice.  We either go in heavy and end this butchery, or it continues.  Choose, liberals.

Now, they will never give you a straight answer.  They will divert, deflect and distract.  And there’s a reason.  Their answer is that they prefer genocide to the use of American power, and they realize that any decent human being hearing them clearly state their position would be disgusted and appalled.

They won’t like it when you point that out, so keep pointing it out – loudly and unequivocally.  Ask them why they are willing to allow genocide.  Ask them if they are just channeling their New Deal heroes who turned around the boats filled with European Jews trying to escape the death camps.

They’ll get mad.  Let them.  Shame them, though many liberals were apparently born without a shame gene.  The only way that the mass of American people will awaken is if Americans like you stand up to these immoral cowards and detonate the narrative.

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