Man tries to shoot Austin officer after high speed chase, officer only tazes him

A man is being charged with attempted capital murder of a peace officer after trying to shoot an Austin police officer on Thursday.

20-year-old Andrew Jones led APD officers on a pursuit after the Toyota Camry he was driving came back as stolen. Officers recorded speeds of approximately 100 miles per hour in a zone marked 50 m.p.h.

Officers threw out stop strips in an attempt to pop the car’s tires. Court documents state the chase lasted five minutes and nine seconds.

Jones wrecked his vehicle at the entrance of Mandalay Apartments at 11442 Tech Ridge Boulevard. He attempted to run from the police but slipped on wet grass and fell.

When an officer got close enough to capture Jones, Jones pulled a gun and attempted to fire. Court documents say the officer heard a sound he knew to be a gun dry-firing. The documents go on to state that the officer witnessed Jones trying to “rack a round into the chamber” of the gun.

The officer tased Jones before he was able to try another shot. Jones resisted and was tased twice more before being taken into custody.

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