Elderly British woman beheaded by muslim (I refuse to capitalize the word) while tending her garden


By Pamela Geller, WND

One day after the gruesome beheading of the second American journalist in almost as many days, Palmira Silva, an elderly woman of Italian descent, had her head chopped off while gardening in her backyard in a suburb of London, in broad daylight.

British authorities, notoriously derelict in their duties whenever those duties interfere with their overarching task of protecting and advancing Islam, alerted the media, while insisting it was not “terrorism.” Scotland Yard made the same assertions.

How could they know? The blood was still pouring out of the woman’s neck. They didn’t initially release any information about the beheader, saying only that it wasn’t terrorism. But of course, any rational thinker was suspicious. Were they insisting it wasn’t terrorism because the perpetrator wasn’t Muslim? Or were they insisting that it wasn’t terrorism because the perp was Muslim?

Needless to say, the perpetrator did turn out to be Muslim: Nicholas Salvadore, “Fat Nick,” a convert to Islam. The enemedia, true to form, is not giving his Muslim name. Indeed, from the very first, the media obfuscated the fact that he is a Muslim.

Before murdering Palmira Silvia, Salvadore attacked several people in the neighborhood. But unlike the jihad beheading of British soldier Lee Rigby on a public street in broad daylight, there was nobody there videoing him citing the Quran: At the site of the murder, one of Rigby’s killers, Mujahid Abu Hamza (universally referred to in the media by the name he had rejected, Michael Adebolajo), said: “But we are forced by the Quran, in Sura At-Tawba, through many ayah in the Quran, we must fight them as they fight us.” Sura At-Tawba is the Quran’s ninth chapter, the one containing the “Verse of the Sword” and the command to fight and subjugate Jews and Christians.

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This time, there wasn’t a kuffar videoing the gruesome act, because it was a predominantly Muslim neighborhood. When you see the pictures of Palmira Silva’s neighbors, they’re all wearing hijabs. But poor Palmira Silva wasn’t wearing the hijab.

Imagine. After British Muslims were beheading American journalists, and the Islamic State had conquered huge swaths of Iraq and Syria, and Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds of Christian girls while burning schools and killing doctors and teachers, and Hamas fired rockets daily at innocent Jewish populations, the enemedia are still acting as the Der Stürmer of Islamic supremacism. Every headline in the beheading story said that it was not terrorism. And I ask every rational freedom-loving human being: Is being beheaded with a machete while gardening in your backyard terror?

In the wake of the Foley beheading, no fewer than 28,000 pro-Islamic State Twitter accounts were suddenly created, as Muslims worldwide rushed to express support for this barbaric act of supremacist savagery.

Back in London, Fat Nick just took the Islamic State’s savagery one step further. How many Twitter supporters is he going to have? How long will the Brits continue to ban brave defenders of freedoms like Robert Spencer and me, while providing cover for the Muslim rapists who turned 1,400 non-Muslim children in one British city alone, Rotherham, into sex slaves, while authorities feared to do anything about for fear of being called “racist”?

How is the beheading of Palmira Silva any different from allowing those Muslim rape gangs to turn young non-Muslim British girls into pieces of meat, butchering them in an altogether different way, but murdering them, too? And while Mrs. Silva’s head was being chopped off, the two cows, Barack Obama and David Cameron, were writing a Times of London editorial saying that they would not be cowed by the Islamic State. Obama and Cameron took up their fierce pens and the Islamic State quivered in their caves, so fearful were they of the next pen stroke of these titans.

Centuries of intellectual, philosophical development to achieve political freedom discarded, kicked to the curb in submission to savages. That’s what America did with the greatest gift ever given to any people when they elected Barack Hussein Obama, the hatchet man in the White House. That’s what the British people did when they elected Tony Blair and later David Cameron. Now they are beginning to reap the fruits.

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