Justice Scalia nails it! Our Constitution is NOT a living document, as liberals would have you believe.

Am I a nerd for having a Supreme Court justice for a hero?


Justice Scalia puts it about as simply and directly as it can be put. Words have meaning. Liberals may want to call a dog a duck, but that does not make it a duck. In characteristically manipulative fashion liberals attempt to stretch the meaning of words, to pervert their definition, to rewrite the dictionary, in an attempt to give government more and more control over the lives of Mom and Pop America.

By “living document,” liberal weenies mean that our Constitution is flexible, malleable, and can be twisted and turned to suit their agenda du jour. This is how horrors like abortion can be further perverted to insist that if it is acceptable to kill an unborn child then it follows that a born child can likewise be exterminated. Thus, it also follows that if a child can be “deleted” for matters of convenience, so too can adults. Just one simplistic example of the slippery slope you’ve heard tell about.

There is a reason, in their genius, that our founders made our Constitution the brief, concise document that it is, using direct, unambiguous language. Take, for example, the Second Amendment:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Twenty-seven words, two lines, a single sentence, devoted to the all-important issue of the people’s right to defend themselves from any danger, including (and especially) that perpetrated by their government. Concise, direct and unambiguous.

Unless, of course, you are a liberal, and are actually stupid (or corrupt) enough to believe that prohibiting personal self-defense is a preferable alternative for hapless victims and a general benefit to society (try to wrap your head around that!), and are willing to employ any means, honesty, morality, and ethics be damned, to achieve your end, THE END of individual liberty, the cornerstone of our Constitution.

Thank you, Justice Scalia, for your common sense and brevity.

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