Keep On Giving: Immigrants Giving Back

If there is an overlooked segment of American society, it’s the Asians. Having lived in Hawaii for 10 years, I can tell you in Hawaii our house was never locked, windows never shut, and nothing was ever missing and nothing broken…ever.

Now we live in an area of Houston that has a very large Asian Community, even our street signs have Chinese writing on them. The area largely consists of Chinese, Japanese and a Vietnamese population.

Having lived in three culturally diverse areas within the U.S. I know what I’m talking about when I say that communities that are majority Asian –not Middle Eastern- are the safest areas you will ever live. Here on our cul-de-sac in the Houston area there are four Asian households… and all is well.

Now this morning on the local Houston news, a story about a Cambodian immigrant whose family arrived here in the 1980’s. Fast forward, this family now has an automotive repair business. But within this business they buy-with their own money- purchase broken down vehicles, then fix up the said vehicles and then give these vehicles to needy people in our area…for free. With no fanfare, Asians are over and over an asset to whatever community they live in, in America.

Here is website statement: The Care Zone aids the lives of single-parents, immigrants, low-income, and dedicated students in the Houston community. Our mission is simple: help individuals gain personal independence and economic self-sufficiency to become able participants and productive members of American society


Their mission statement actually sounds more like the Asian-Americans mantra: “productive members of American society.” Asian Americans have proven time and time again what a wonderful asset and givers to American society they are.

Contrast the Asian Communities with the predominately black neighborhoods in America. There exists numerous burglaries, assaults, carjacking and the murder rate skyrockets. Their evil ways leak out into the general population that happens to be unfortunate enough to live in close proximity to them. The American black population are continuous takers from society, proven by crime and welfare statistics.

Does this statement apply to all blacks?…of course not. But again the statistics speak for themselves

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